Genuine Lapis Lazuli

Genuine Lapis Lazuli

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This watercolor is prepared from one of the most famous pigments in history, which has had great emotional importance in humanity because of the sensations it is able to arouse. It's GENUINE LAPIS LAZULI. The name means "lazuli stone", in which the term "lazuli" derives from medieval Latin "lazulum", meaning "sky", and derives from the Persian "lazward" and Sanskrit "rajavarta", i.e. "of the king". From the term "lazulum" comes "azure". It was also called "ultramarine" because of the geographical origin of this mineral, mainly from Afghanistan and Pakistan, countries beyond the Mediterranean Sea. Physically and curiously the blue color is given by sulfur. The pigment used to prepare this watercolor of Nila Colori is the powder of the purest crystals of this mineral from Pakistan.

Code: LAP

Coloring agent: Sodium polisulfide and aluminosilicate

C.I.: PB29

Lightfastness: 5/5

Transparency: Semi-transparent

Series: F

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