Equilibrium Set 12 Colors

€ 78,90


Our brand new Equilibrium Set is composed by 12 extrafine single pigment watercolors in half pans by Nila Colori. They're prepared with the best mineral pigments, selected with care, and collected in a precious box made of fir wood. This palette has been developed to offer a complete and well-balanced range of extremely long lasting colors. The pigments are milled with just the right amount of a mixture of Kordofan gum arabic (binder), and vegetable glycerin (humectant and plasticyzer). These are the ingredients which are historically the main characters in the production of the watercolors and which give the best results regarding ease and pleasantness of painting. We don't add any filler or any other organic compound, which might alter the color over time.

The following colors are included:

- Cadmium Yellow PY35

- Cadmium Red PR108

- Ultramarine Blue PB29

- Cobalt Turquoise Deep PB36

- Ultramarine Violet PV15

- Prussian Blue PB27

- Italian Yellow Earth PY43

- Ercolano Red PR102

- Cassel Brown Hue PBr6

- Burnt Umber Earth PBr7

- Burnt Sienna PR102

- Vine Black PBk8 

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