Chrome Green

€ 10,20


Watercolor prepared with Chrome Green pigment, chemically chromic oxide. It exists in nature as the mineral eskolaite, rare and probably never used for artistic purposes. It was introduced during the end of the modern age, at the beginning of the XIXth century and since then it has been largely used by artists (one of the first ones to use it was probably J.M.W. Turner in 1812). Opaque and dull olive green, with a shade similar to green earth, but having a much stronger tinting strength. It's probably the most lightfast green. Diluted alone or mixed with other pigments it gives its best to get naturalistic colors or to cool too warm reds.


Made in collaboration with Wallace Seymour Fine Art Products

Code: CHG

Colouring agent: Chromic Oxide

C.I.: PG17

Lightfastness: 5/5

Transparency: Opaque

Series: 2

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