Cadmium Yellow Light

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Watercolor prepared with Cadmium Yellow inorganic mineral pigment, chemically cadmium sulfide. This is an historical pigment from modern age, discovered at the beginning ot the 19th century. It took some decades before it was widely used by artists (Monet was one of the first ones using it). It exists in nature as the mineral Greenockite, which was probably never used in art. It owns high tinting strength, covering power and brightness

It's incompatible with copper based pigments, which might darken because of hydrogen sulfide which it might free in time: avoid to combine it with Malchite, Verditer and Egyptian Blue.

Code: CDY

Colouring agent: Cadmium Zinc Sulfide

C.I.: PY35

Lightfastness: 5/5

Transparency: Opaque

Series: 3

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