Cadmium Light Orange

€ 10,80


Watercolor prepared with Cadmium Red inorganic mineral pigment, chemically cadmium sulfide and selenide. This is an historical pigment from contemporary age, produced some decades after the introduction of the analogous yellow. Its use was widespread during the XXth century and it's still one of the most used reds in painting. Extremely lightfast, it owns high tinting strength, covering power and is very intense. It's one of the colors which shows a moderate drying shift.

It's incompatible with copper based pigments, which might darken because of hydrogen sulfide which it might free in time: avoid to combine it with Malchite, Verditer and Egyptian Blue.


Made in collaboration with Wallace Seymour Fine Art Products

Code: OLIG

Colouring agent: Cadmium Selenosulfide

C.I.: PO20

Lightfastness: 5/5

Transparency: Opaque

Series: 3

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