6 Colors Basic Box

Half Pan (2,5 ml), € 34,50


This set includes 6 handcrafted Nila Colori watercolors prepared with pure pigments: it's a first selection which can be taken with you wherever you go. In every case we used pure pigments and we ground them with pure Kordofan gum arabic, the most transparent and precious. The wetting agent is vegetable glycerin, which keeps the watercolors always easy to be dissolved to be used. An eco-friendly preservative has been added to avoid any kind of fermentation or microbial degradation.

The colors are contained inside an elegant tin box with our logo on sealing wax.

We chose the following colors for this set:

- Yellow Ochre JFL: PY43

- Red Ochre RFL: PR102

- Raw Sienna SIE: PY43

- Burnt Sienna BOL: PR102

- Maya Blue BM: N/A

- Ultramarine Blue UMB: PB29

This set is only available with half pans.

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