12 Colors Premium Box

12 Colors Premium Box

Half Pan (2,5 ml), € 119,20 € 95,36


This precious set includes 12 handcrafted Nila Colori watercolors prepared with pure pigments, both mineral (obtained from earths and semi-precious stones) and vegetable (lakes obtained from traditional dyeing plants). In every case we used pure pigments and we ground them with pure Kordofan gum arabic, the most transparent and precious. The wetting agent is vegetable glycerin, which keeps the watercolors always easy to be dissolved to be used. An eco-friendly preservative has been added to avoid any kind of fermentation or microbial degradation.

The colors are contained inside an elegant wooden box branded by fire.

The following watercolors are included:

- Weld Yellow RES: NY2

- Yellow Earth ICL: PY43

- Raw Umber Earth FL: PBr6

- Burnt Umber Earth AEK: PBr7

- Madder Red ROB: NR9

- Ercolano Red ERC: PR102

- Cochineal Magenta COC: NR4

- Ultramarine Violet UMV: PV15

- Genuine Indigo IND: NB1

- Maya Blue BM: N/A

- Genuine Malachite MAL: PG39

- Maya Green VM: N/A

This set is only available with half pans.

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