Nila Colori handcrafted watercolors were born from the study and the passion of Carlo Ferrara, chemical engineer, who wanted to create products for artists, which might combine traditions and technology, Nature with quality.

PIGMENTS which we use are always pure and natural. We prepare plant-based lakes: we retrieved ancient recipes and we optimized them to get the most beautiful and lightfast colors (no pigments are more transparent than them). Mineral pigments are earths or stones, finely ground, obtained from certified manufacturers.

The BINDING MEDIUM which we prepared is constituted by a mixture of natural gums, of which the main is Kordofan gum arabic (the most transparent and colorless). Other gums mainly keep our colors elastic, to avoid cracks in dried color. Vegetable glycerin is our chosen wetting agent, which can keep a good level of humidity in pans, so that can easily dissolve when it's used. We added an eco-friendly preservative to avoid formation of molds.

GRINDING is done using a three-rolls-mill, which we considered to be the best compromise between craftsmanship and feasibility of the process: we can thus get a perfectly kneaded color, without any clump and with maximum homogeneity.